The Best Electronic Music Of Septemeber 2022




  • Neotex – Perspective Shift [Natural High]

First release on Sydney based label Natural-High comes from Neotex with four cuts ranging from club-focused music to ambient home listening.


  • DJ Pipe – The Night-Time Economy EP [Global North]

Following the success of their “Deeply Floored” EP earlier this year, DJ Pipe and Global North are BACK to bring you “The Night-Time Economy” EP.


  • Shinichi Atobe – Love Of Plastic [DDS]

The legendary Shinchi Atobe continues his welcome return to the public eye with his sixth LP for Demdike Stare’s DDS label entitled Love Of Plastic. Full of the rubbery and idiosyncratic dub house, deep techno, and swirling ambience that has come to define the second era of his career, Atobe continues to be both a guiding light in the world of Japanese electronic music and one of the dance world’s most singular artists.


  • C.K – No One Cares [PSR]

Eighth release of the PSR label, founded by C.K


  • Downstairs J – Too EP [Suzi]

Suzi is excited to announce its first EP “Too” from NYC based artist Downstairs J who recently released his debut record on Incienso.

Downstairs J has a unique way of using detailed minimalistic sounds that feel organic and sharp at the same time.


  • Stone – Earth FF [3XL]

The inaugural release from the mysterious ambient music producer Stone, released via the 3XL label. ‘Earth FF’ is a blissful mix of ambient, Orb-like productions, UNKLE-esque trip-hop and unsettling ambience that makes for a terrific, immersive headphones experience. Reminiscent of Nineties-era EM:T material.


  • Big Zen – Up

I’ve got so much to say about these songs, I’ll have to tell you in person. Words by BZ


  • Gi Gi – Sunchoke [Good Morning Tapes]

A collection of eight vignettes constructed via a patchwork sampling process. Out now on Good Morning Tapes.


  • SnP 500 – Honeydoo [Doo]

Fine extended Ambient drifters


  • The NRG – Dr Sunshine (California Trippin’)

It’s early 1991 and the new Ambient House craze is sweeping across the globe when a call that never actually happened comes in to The NRG HQ from their publisher…

“Lads, the Citrus Growing Association of California want an Ambient House soundtrack for their upcoming promotional campaign, they can’t afford The ORB so they’ve asked it they can get The NRG? The brief? Think California, think Sunshine, think citrus and acidity!! …are you in?!”

They were in.

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