The Best Electronic Music Of November – December 2022



Support your favorite artists. We share with you the music we enjoyed the most last month. Dreamy music, ambient-house, downtempo and techno.


  • Azura – Theme From Azura [World Building]

Azura is back! The mysterious duo return to World Building with “Theme From Azura”. A pumpin’ sun-drenched follow-up to their number one underground club hit “Paraíso ‘89”. Hands up for the “House Version”, heads down for the “Dream Version”. When you get a chance to dig through the unreleased Azura archives, you go for it! Another timeless WB anthem!.


  • Hüda – Aerial Motion [DMO]

Eora based artist Hüda makes his debut on DMO for our digitools series. 2 courses of proggy riddims with uk bass. Enjoy !


  • DJ Steaw – Colour Of Mind EP [Kaoz Theory]

House DJ & producer based in Paris, France. In 2013, DJ Steaw decided to launch his own imprint label, Rutilance Recordings.

Record label launched by Kerri Chandler in 2015.


  • Neil E – Reasons (Part 1)

Pieced together between 2019 and today, this EP is the first of a series.


  • Private Press – Young At Heart [Of Paradise White Label]

Warsaw’s very own Private Press, debut on Of Paradise with their ‘Young At Heart’ EP. A super charged 4-tracker that rewires the brain, revs-up the serotonin levels and pays a sincere tribute to the foundations of rave and the diverse techno of the early 90s.


  • Gi Gi – Lamella Pressed [INDEX:Records]

New INDEX:Records transmission comes courtesy of Texan vibist Gi Gi. Trodding his own path of introspective, nu-age-infused ambient scapes and trip-hop-laced downtempo divagations, Gi Gi eases us in a distinctively soothing headspace. A self-driven, immersive audio bubble engineering a polychromatic mix of organic field-recording, exotic dub shades, lushly textured envelopes and smooth loungey jazz accents.


  • VA – Compiladito 001 [WVWV]

Our second release was a huge compilation featuring more than 40 artists, what we would call in Mexico a “Compiladote”. Now we want to be more selective after presenting all that talent, that’s why we bring to you “Compiladitos” a new series of 6 track EPs that the Wava will be releasing in between individual releases.


  • Kosh – Square One [Convergence]

This four track EP includes on one side 2 effective club tracks driven by heavy bass lines and nasty acid patterns, and on the other side 2 spacey electro tracks tinted with soothing melodies.


  • Dan Piu – Hypnophobia EP [Terrestrial Funk]

Hypnophobia is the bleep fueled beginning to a six release series from Dan Piu on Terrestrial Funk. Recorded from 1993 to 2021, the 27 tracks pose a reflection on the relativity of time. Exploring our connection between then and now, all that came before, and what is still to come. Each release will be accompanied by a foldout poster featuring oil paintings of city skylines at different points in time, all painted by Dan Piu himself. We start in present day London.


  • Ramzi – Hyphea [Music From Memory]

Music From Memory are excited to present ‘hyphea’, a new album by Montreal based artist Phoebé Guillemot aka RAMZi. Featuring ten mind-melting tracks ‘hyphae’ is RAMZi’s latest sonic quest and is based around sketches she originally made as a score for a documentary about mushrooms called ‘Fun Fungi’ (directed by Frederic Lavoie).

Recorded between November 2021 and May 2022, writing ‘hyphea’ began as an attempt to transcend boredom and frustrations imposed by severe restrictions during the pandemic. For Phoebé the album was a way to reconnect with her alter ego RAMZi; who’s energy brought her back to uniquely mystical feelings and hope for future magical adventures.




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