The Best Electronic Music Of May 2022

The electronic music that we enjoy the most in may 2022 from different parts of the world!


  • C3D-E – Scattered Radiation [Acting Press]

Label co-head C3D-E takes up the helm for the long waiting return of
Acting Press with epic, deep, early 90s infused ambient music / techno floaters.


  • Picture – Metric EP [Kalahari Oyster Cult]

Having proactively set the pace of the Danish scene for the past few years under many guises and just as many records for an array of premium labels. Regelbau spearhead Natal Zaks alias Central, aka Picture this time around, joins the Kalahari Oyster Cult fold with a quartet of fresh-minded, bouncy joints taking the classic Aarhus vibes for a trip into further hypermodern melodic grounds.


  • VA – Club Entry’ Vol. 1 [Borne Fruits]

After the successful label launch of Borne Fruits last November with boss
Amaliah’s debut EP ‘Borne Fruits 001’, they now have an exciting new V/A
compilation with the best of London’s new and fresh talent.


  • Ménage – Back Burners Vol 2

    Ménage are back with another compilation of club ready cuts, comprising of 7 tracks written between 2019 and 2022.


  • tape_hiss – Fever Dream EP [Echocentric Records]

    A Helsinki-based label concentrating on dreamy & lush electronic music. Run by Timo Deeprhythms.


  • Boundary – Hojas Viejas Muestran

    Boundary is a experimental electronic music artist from the Dominican Republic


  • Purelink – Puredub

Lillerne is finally starting off the new-ish year with a big one: a debut
selection of tunes by Chicago’s Purelink. “Puredub” brings with it a vital,
lush collection of seemingly boundless sonic spaces.

At all times reflective and warm, every minute is oozing with thoughtful rhythms, impeccably spry movement, and vibrant life. “Puredub” is unusually immersive—pulling the listener in with a hypnotic and refreshingly captivating mood and tone that I’ve not heard prior. Dubby, downtempo realms in which one can truly spread out. Edition of 100 professionally duplicated cassettes.


  • Journeymann Trax – COME4WD [Journeymann TraxTM]

2 trips along the astral highway, ride it 2 realize by Bobby Draino.


  • Terekke – 2 The World [Plant Age Digital Sound]

Terekke returns after seven years with a new record!

  • Inhmost – Space And Awareness [Tonight’s Dream Records]

Space and Awareness is the debut release on Tonight’s Dream Records, a
record label and mix series based in Brighton UK, focusing on forward
thinking, unique music within the realms of ambient, downtempo and

Space and Awareness is the eighth album from Inhmost, the alias of producer Simon Huxtable. With over 24 years experience Huxtable has released a huge array of music. However, now Huxtable uses Inhmost to serve up deep immersive ambient and downtempo music.

Space and Awareness is filled with deep baselines and downtempo
breaks that are perfectly balanced with the atmospheric ambient textures making it a thoroughly engaging listen.

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