The Best Electronic Music Of March 2023




  • The Soulscaper – Inside Voices [cirrus]

Animalia’s exploration of the lesser known artists of Melbourne continues with the launch of new sublabel, Cirrus, focusing on non-club, downtempo, ambient and otherworldly sounds from local Australian artists.

The first release comprises of dreamy, non-linear modular improvised soundscapes from Melbourne/Naarm local The Soulscaper, a sideproject of Eugene Pascal, member of Animalia’s electronic trio Menage.

The Inside Voices LP offers a sentimental, familiar musical journey, evocative of the distinctive charms of life in Australia’s south-eastern hub. All produced in the northern suburbs of Melbourne/ Naarm, the tracks provide an open window into the studios of the city’s deeper side. The LP is a poignant follow on from the musical outputs of Animalia, staying true to the label’s deep, cinematic and melodic style.

All tracks produced in the North Eastern suburbs of Melbourne, on the traditional land of the Wurundjeri (Woiwurrung) peoples of the Kulin Nation.


  • 0 – 02 [0 Records]

A new record label by C3D-E & Hashman Deejay. 0 = C3D-E+Hashman Deejay+Hotspring.


  • 0 – 01  [0 Records]


  • Sin Limites [Delicate Records]

Contrived through a pure spawn of friendship and boundless exploration, Sin Limites began as a jam between Nap, Ex-Terrestrial & Roza Terenzi in Montreal 2018 with no intentions.

After a reshape and polish from Priori it found its way back to demolish dancefloors, slipping into mixes over the years and standing the test of time; a micro reissue of sorts finding a home on Delicate Records with a pair of remixes from none other than Ambien Baby & D. Tiffany to keep things in the chosen family.

The title track is simple yet bold in nature; daring hypnotic metallic sequence, original Spanish vocals laced throughout by Nap and rough ‘n’ rugged 606 drums; a master in exquisite nuance and tech-evolution. Dormant until 2021, the B side rose from the ashes via the remixes to anoint the record as a three part ode to No Limits; a timeless ethos shared and lived amongst all involved.


  • VA – Radiant Records IWD Comp Vol 4 [Radiant Love]

In celebration of International Women’s Day 2023 all proceeds from this release will go directly to charities assisting those affected by the war in Ukraine and the earthquake in Turkey and Syria.

Special thanks to all the artists involved, Marco and Li from Analogue Cut for mastering and Debbie Demented for the artwork.


  • Languaje Breakdown Wo! (I’m Having One) (fka boursin’s Broken Megamix) [Few & Far Between]

A new remix for Breakdown Wo! written, mixed and produced by Mark Lewis & Alex Swift at the Language Lab.


  • VA – My Own Mirror To Stay [Sure Thing]

With its first label compilation, “My Own Mirror To Stay,” Sure Thing invites six new voices into the fold. Each provides an acutely personal reflection of the dance floor suspended in a singular crystalline moment, from wide-eyed to weightless, together seeking new horizons inward and out.


  • Skee Mask – ISS009 [Ilian Tape]

Outstanding Breakbeat Techno class.


  • Pyramid Of Knowledge – A New Hope [DT014]

POK fires up the jets again for the Seoul-based producer’s second interstellar adventure on Dream Ticket.

Almost 30 years on from the precise, angular breaks and acid of UR’s Electronic Warfare and the components of those potent battle weapons remain in full service, here honed by POK’s controlled studio hand and ready to dash full-pelt against the enemy. Whose side are you on?


  • Lupone – Pilares  [WVWV]

Debut of the producer from Mexico City. Co-founder of the Lichi Mixes Series.


  • Fantastic Man – Visions of Dance Vol. 2 [Superconscious Records]

Fantastic Man continues to gain momentum as he presents the second instalment of his series ‘Visions of Dance’. Featuring four new tracks, each a harmonious blend of euphoria, made for use at every stage of your nocturnal odyssey.

This time, he’s enlisted the vocal talents of Alias Error of a.s.o. and fellow Melbournian artist Marli for their ethereal stylings on tracks “Beyond Control” and “West Coast” respectively.









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