The Best Electronic Music Of March 2022


The electronic music that we enjoy the most in march 2022 from different parts of the world!


  • Parallelograms – Revival Works [F&Frecords]

Revivalworks is the new EP from Parallelograms, a DJ and producer from Mexico City. He currently manages the curatorship of the MelodyKrafter label.

Includes two remixes: In Extrema Ver better known as Head Level and Cautiverio


  • Big Zen – Mirror Cut 

Jamie Enns from the west coast of Vancouver, Canada, hands us possibly the techno record of the year 2022, IMO.

He has also released music for the Planet Euphorique label and DustWORLD as Killer DJs alongside Dust-e-1.


  • Hybrid Man – Shapeshifting [Butter Sessions]

The project of Julien Huynh and Will Holden, Hybrid Man returns after releasing four spacious cuts of downtempo breaks and house in 2019. This time debuting on Butter Sessions, the tracks on Shapeshifting feel like a natural progression, equally well-crafted with the DJ in mind but with a slightly more trance influenced modus operandi.


  • VA – Radiant Love IWD Compilation Vol.3 [Radiant Love]

In celebration of International Women’s Day 2022 all proceeds from this release will go directly to charities working to create safe sleeping spaces for homeless migrants, trans, inter and queer health care and people with disabilities in Berlin as well as various charities in Ukraine

The third compilation from the RL label, it includes music by Maara, Priori, Bliss Inc., Pascale Project, Roza Terenzi and more.


  • Pyramid Of knowledge – Three [Hard Beach Entertainment]

Pyramid Of Knowledge is back on Hard Beach Entertainment, his third record for the label, humbly called… Three.

This time one more step toward techno/trance territories, and with the lower tempo B2 Oedo In The Clouds to end the ceremony. The Pyramid Of Knowledge trilogy is now complete.


  • Vladimir Gnatenko – Storm EP [Where We Met]

Vladimir built his reputation with some outstanding live shows, and he is one of the most interesting artists of the shining Ukrainian scene.

The EP is a perfect example of the diversity of styles he covers, from 4/4 to breakbeat with a very unique blend of spacey trance sound which is a trademark of his productions.


  • Soichi Terada – Asakusa Light [Rush Hour]

Back in 2015, Japanese deep house pioneer Soichi Terada stepped back into the limelight courtesy of Sounds From The Far East, a Rush Hour-released, Hunee curated retrospective of material released on his Far East Recording label in the 1990s and early 2000s. Buoyed by the positive response and renewed interest in his work, Terada went back into studio to record his first new album of house music for over 25 years, Asakusa Light.

Developed over 18 months, Terada tried to recreate the mental and physical processes that led to the creation of his acclaimed earlier work. Those familiar with Terada’s celebrated, dancefloor-focused sound of the 1990s – a vibrant, atmospheric, and emotive take on deep house powered by the twin attractions of groove and melody – will find much to enjoy on Asakusa Light.

Terada, who has spent much of the last two decades writing video game music, has always had a gift for combining warm, undulating synthesizer basslines and perfectly programmed machine drums with stirring chords, smile-inducing melodies and mellow musical flourishes. It’s this immersive, sun-kissed and tuneful trademark style that takes centre stage on Asakusa Light, an album for the ages.


  • VA – Templeight [Temple]

Templeight is Temple’s eighth release, the first in our seventh year.
It features eight tracks from artists spanning two continents.

Includes music from: Ex-Terrestrial, Perla, Phones In The Sun and more.


  • Biosphere – Shortwave Memories [Biophon Records]

Iconic Norwegian producer and composer Biosphere follows up his evocative ‘Angel’s Flight’ release with a new album set for release early in 2022. Shortwave Memories is an album inspired by the post-punk electronic music of the late 70’s and early 80’s, especially the productions of figures like Martin Hannett and Daniel Miller.

The last few Biosphere albums have all been made using samples and software, but Shortwave Memories is a return to vintage analog hardware from the late 70s and early 80s. Most of these instruments do not have any presets or memory storage, so all the sounds were programmed from scratch. The idea was not so much to make music that sounds like it was written in the same period. It’s more like what would happen if I had the chance to use the same instruments, and applied the same meticulous attention to detail as the producers mentioned above.

Presented as a continuous sonic journey, this stunning record unequivocally manifests a world of it’s own and already feels like a timeless addition to the rest of the Biosphere catalogue.


  • Mikkel Rev – TRANS007 [Translusid]

Mikkel Rev takes us on a journey to the “other side” in Translusid 007. A reincarnation of the chill-out era, slowly immersing the listener in a deep yet captivating flow. A solid set of tracks to rise to a higher status, accompanied by some dance floor minded remixes.



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