The Best Electronic Music Of June – July 2023




  • PLO Man – anonymousmaterial [Acting Press]

Wonderful, slightly 90s leaning, Ambient to Dub Techno celebrating sublimeness.


  • Parallelograms – Artificial

A new release by mexican producer Erik Valentino. Ambient-prog-techno vibes.


  • DJ Spence – Fan Needed [Doo]

Excellent house drop from Montreal’s Doo crew.


  • P Relief – Dusted [P&D]

After 5 years a P&D label Launch returns.


  • Regularfantasy Presents . . . Plush III [Plush Records Inc.]

Third times a charm, Plush III is presented to you by our fav Underground Popstar™ Regularfantasy, casting their web out to friends all over the globe in the name of lavish collaboration. First up, in cahoots with fellow Canadian icon Big Zen, the quintessential hit – Call U When I’m Done, a phone talk fantasy with a bonus beatdown remix from living legend Priori.

Plush royalty Chrysalis returns with regfant, a jam Down Under manifesting as a flirty kiss on the cheek to Aqua, Life in Plastic. The B side raises the roof back to Montreal with larger than life references and partnerships for tried and tested chart toppers Sweet Emotion & Sucks To Be You.. Kristian North, D. Tiffany, Steven Tyler, Prozzak and Oprah to name a few. A crowded house party at Le Chateâu; make sure you’re on the guestlist!


  • Limit Blau – Mi Yoyo [Klasse Wrecks]

Somewhere in the dark corners of Barcelona, hidden away from the relentless sunshine and perfect weather there exists a group of friends. All veterans, skilled DJs and legends of the local scene, the friends have slowly been building up a powerful body of music that defies generic categorisation but at the same time somehow perfectly encapsulates the Mediterranean spirit and positive energy of the great Catalan city.

Their debut EP ‘Mi Yoyo’, is a short selection of some of that wealth of music and centers around the epic title track. A summer anthem of good vibes and positive energy.


  • Quantic Mind – Expanding Headset [Interactive Test]

Composed and Produced by Alessandro De Padova © Deyayu Music.


  • DJ Sotofett – Sound / Soto / Summer of Mind / Electric Mind

Written, Produced & Mixed by DJ Sotofett at WANIA#1, 2023. ”Club Instrumental” originally produced in 2019 at Ku’dam. Shout out on “Break Mix” by Ekowmania.


  • MirrorLake – Aenigmatica [Sephora [ Ξ ]]

Independent Label Focused on Sound and Generative Art without a place or a fixed epoch.


  • PLO Man – anonymousmaterial [Acting Press]

Wonderful, slightly 90s leaning, Ambient to Dub Techno celebrating sublimeness.








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