The Best Electronic Music Of June 2024



  • Shinichi Atobe – Ongaku 1 [DDS]

Demdike Stare’s DDS label kicks off a new series of limited edition 12”s with the return of Shinichi Atobe, offering a slow evolution of his inimitable deep house, finely balanced with a new found sub-heavy bias while unlocking extra space in the upper registers.


  • DJ Sotofett with L.A. 2000, Ronny Nyheim & Zarate_Fix – WANIA mk2 [WANIA]

Classy, driving, widely reverberating Dub Techno jams w/ locked grooves too

Special thanks to Pierre B for the rip <3


  • DOC ‘N’ P1LL – RX Prescriptions Volume 1 [Serenity Now Recordings]

The wait is finally over as Serenity Now is back in the building to unleash the highly anticipated remedy: “RX PRESCRIPTIONS Volume 1” by the Stockholm based duo DOC ‘N’ P1LL.

Prescribing a unique formula through four straight forward stompers that is guaranteed to ignite dance floors and elevate the atmosphere to unprecedented heights


  • Unknown Artist – 2nd Respite [Respite]

A new label for Danish sounds <3


  • WAX – No. 90009 [WAX]

WAX better known as Shed is Back !


  • Lnrdcroy – Contact​-​E [Repetitive Rhythm Research] [Clone]

The return of the legend after 14 years with some wonderful ambient techno/IDM blends <3


  • New Members – ECO 1 [ECO1]

New Members presents ECO 1, an expansive 14-track double LP which includes music recorded in several locations and countries between the years of 2013-2023, some tracks of which have been excavated from saltwater-soaked drives.

The LP presents a mesh of styles which obscure the boundaries between New Age, Ambient and Soundtrack to Country-Inspired Breaks, Vaporwave-Tinted Downtempo, and more. Weather Music is the mood. ECO 1 invites the listener into a strangely-familiar liminal soundscape.


  • Mihail P. – It’s Just A Ride [Dreams]

Transitioning Into the Year 2024 (8), a new celestial sound entity is being released on DREAMS, the alternate g3nre bending sub-label of Childhood Intelligence. 13 Track variations of Downtempo / Drum N Bass and Breaks with Celestial Soundscapes, Dreamy Pads & Mind-Healing Melodies.

Written & Produced by Mihail P. from Vinica, Macedonia. Him being part of a new generation of UK / Detroit techno & IDM artists, presenting his signature melodic & deep sound choices on his first Album that reminiscent of the great early works of B12, Black Dog Productions, WARP and Darren Nye.


  • VA – Fuaim [Fuaim]

We are proud to present our first digital V/A compilation featuring a range of talented friends and artists from around the globe.

Drifting through the sounds of progressive house and trance, FUA001 is a nod to what was once a booming scene in Dublin for the sound we have come so fond of today, bridging the sonic generational gap of trance, techno and psychedelic rhythms.

Proceeds from this release will be donated to the ELSC – an organization providing free legal support to protect and support advocates for Palestinian rights in Europe – more information available at


  • VA – Out Of Season Vol​.​3 [Theory Therapy]

The third instalment in the Out Of Season series. Songs from an upside down world. 100% of the profits will be donated to Medical Aid for Palestinians.


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