The Best Electronic Music Of June 2022


The electronic music that we enjoy the most in june 2022 from different parts of the world!


  • Regal86 – Bootlegs & Unreleaseds Vol.1

Regal86 is a producer originally from the city of Monterrey, Mexico.


  • Byron Yeates – Sweat Ur Prayers [Radiant Love]

Sweat Ur Prayers, the next wavy addition to Radiant Love’s catalogue, is the first solo-EP of Byron Yeates. In their messaging, their timbres and grooves, the 4 tracks speak faithfully to Yeates’ inclinations as a DJ and label-head: the playfulness and buoyancy, a constant nod to the roots of rave, and a faith in dance music’s transformative power.


  • Roza Terenzi & D. Tiffany – Edge Of Innocence [Delicate Records]

Spiritually Deluded kinder, the hit parade is back, with Roza T & D. Tiff tip-toeing in with 8 tracks high in kinetic synergy and low in “bOriNGG!!”. The sound of 2 artists; serious in their intent yet blowing raspberries at the cork sniffers/snobs, obstinate to the world of industrial decay press shots + plastic ravers.


  • thurlow joyce – hastings sunrise 

A DJ and producer from Vancouver, BC.


  • WAX – WAX8008

A new record from the Wax Series, better known as Shed


  • Mano De Fuego – UR Presenta Mano De Fuego [Underground Resistance]

UR introduces Mano De Fuego!! This spiritual shamanistic electronic music will take your spirit forward up and over whatever is in your way. Dance with relatives from the past, the present & the future, learn who UR.


  • Tom Churchill – Rainy Day in Clynder [2Sox]

Tom started making music in the mid-90s, inspired by the house and techno records he was buying as a teenager growing up in Cardiff. Co-founder of cult 90’s label, Headspace Recordings and sister label Emoticon; Tom and partner Raeph Powell were responsible for some faultless releases in the 00’s.

More recently, Tom has been one half of The Nuclear Family; a production, label and events project launched with Laurence Hughes in 2013. Much of what Tom has put his hand to over the years has been hot in demand. Incredibly, this is his first physical, solo release under his real name since 2002. Despite the 20 year gap, Tom’s enthuse for all things deep and electronic has arguably never been stronger.


  • Fka Boursin – Comatose [Few & Far Between]

Originally conceived in 2016, the EP explores themes of the inadequacies of dancefloors as a modes of transmission for specific political messaging.

As a result of club spaces being relegated to places of escapism – reinforced by the mainstream political discourse centred around the liberalisation of drug use – dancefloors are seldom places of engagement but rather focal points for hedonism, energy and euphoria. Comatose is a gentle nudge in the opposite direction, borne out of the desire to play soft, slow and inevitably, to an empty, vegetative dancefloor.


  • Lnrdcroy – Bluerosa

Lnrdcroy reappears, one of the canadian projects that most marked the time of the 2010s.


  • Luis – 057 (Schwyn)

DJ Python revives his cult alias, Luis, with a reflective ode to his best friend. The five tracks here represent the inscrutable mix of detachment and contentment that made DJ Python’s Mas Amable a modern touchstone, but the 057 (Schwyn) EP also possesses the heartfelt ’90s sheen that is Luis’s sonic signature. Idiosyncratic rhythms and twinkling ambience build patiently before arriving at the blissed breakbeat closer.


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