The Best Electronic Music Of July 2022


The electronic music that we enjoy the most in july 2022 from different parts of the world!


  • A∞x – i.d.p.4 [Nduja]

62*2: Ice crystals decorate the well-worn machines. There’s a positive buzz in the air, as construction on the purple plane is progressing smoothly. I’m still getting used to my new form, but I feel like I can be of help.


  • Pavilion – P12 02 [Pavilion]

Flørist prod. vibrant, deep ambient techno/house warmth


  • Fantastic Man – Visions Of Dance Vol.1 [Superconscious Records]

The first in a one-part series, probably, Fantastic Man returns to Superconscious Records with his visions of dance, guiding 4 otherwise unwieldy mechanical modular manifestations, into high UV index rollers.


  • Baldo – Groove Radiance [Groove Radiance]

Physical Education returns for another head-first foray into the tech house we know and love. This time, label-head Baldo steps up to the plate with the four-track Groove Radiance. Joining him are Paramida and Liquid Earth, who dish up two suitably danceable remixes.


  • Maara – Spiral 2 the Other Side [X-Kalay]

Maara makes seductively uninhibited, proggy dance music. In fact, she’s quickly becoming one of its foremost exponents. Barely pausing for breath between releases, ‘Spiral 2 the Other Side’ finds the Montreal artist summoning divine feminine frequencies with a hypnotic, ritual-ready 4-tracker.


  • OMAAR – McLaren EP [MoveLike]

OMAAR, DJ and producer from the State of Mexico, well known for his versatile club-style tracks that are usually found in rotation on radio stations like Rinse or NTS.

MOVELIKE welcomes OMAAR with a release in which he explores his first musical interest: jungle. ‘McLaren EP’ includes 7 tracks full of energetic breaks combined with nostalgic pads that revive the era of 90s jungle and intelligent drum and bass.


  • Tornado Wallace – Dream Corner [Basic Spirit]

Basic Spirit returns for the second release, this time with Tornado Wallace flying solo and upping the tempo with four feel good floaty-bangers. Warning: Speed Bump ahead!


  • Benoit B – Kismet [Natural Selections]

Natural Selections are proud to present “Kismet”, Benoit B’s long-awaited debut LP: a dream journal of short stories collected between Berlin and Athens.

“Kismet” is a comprehensive mirroring of the french producer’s playful and inimitable style, a clever balance of analog warmth and digital precision resulting in a lucid fantasy. Shuffling subaquatic pads and sharp silvery drums into highly detailed arrangements, Benoit B takes the listener on a singular voyage through his signature sound.


  • Purelink – Purelink 

Eagerly awaited yet patiently bubbling under the surface, UwU dust bath emerges with its primal offering, a deeply generous and authentic sonic array from low-key prolifics Purelink.

Despite the Chicago trio’s humbly mysterious presence, the transcendental music speaks resoundingly. UwU 001 is rooted in the group’s most sincere and early jams; exuding an innocent magic almost impossible to recreate, tranquil effervescence of the highest nature; three otherworldly originals harmoniously colluding with an intercontinental all-star cast of remixers. xphresh (special guest DJ & Ben Bondy), Low Flung & Nice Girl each respectfully contributing to the synonymous mutual (& virtual) affiliation, kindredship and vision entrenched in the UwU ethos.


  • Special Guest DJ – Waiting For The Stars To Change

Ambient and relaxing sounds for your mind!








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