The Best Electronic Music Of August 2022



  • Stasis – From A Failing Light [De:tuned]

We welcome Stasis to De:tuned! UK techno pioneer Steve Pickton has dug deep into his DAT tapes collection to unearth 2 previously unreleased recordings from the golden era ’92-’93. Both rarities offer a trademark lush and retro-futurist Detroit inspired sound that is totally unique.

Fellow Likemind legend Nuron provides a stunning remix. The track was built up from scratch as no stems were available, giving you another sneak peek of the genius musical mind that is Nuron. Stay tuned!


  • Driss Bennis Pres.OCB – Transhuman X – Press [Casa Voyager]

Original soundtrack from the motion city Casablanca.


  • Biodive – From The Taxi To The Club EP [Craigie Knowes]

4 Slammin’ house tracks delivered by Biodive for our latest Craigie Knowes outing. Dancefloor domination awaits you.


  • VA – Into Tha Shadow [White Material]

WM is back since 2017. Record label founded in 2012 by Young Male and DJ Richard.


  • James Bangura – Shadow Boxing EP [World Building]

Big warm welcome back to DC’s James Bangura!! Solo dolo this time around, the Black Rave Culture member finds himself swimming in therapeutic & reflective waters.

Stretching out into vulnerable, personal territory always makes for the best tunes. And this disc (James Bangura’s “Shadow Boxing EP”) is a damn doozy!! Very excited & grateful to share this beautiful release with y’all!!

(Title is inspired by Bangura’s grandfather, Carroll Daniel Smith, who boxed for the US Army in WWII)


  • Ranma Entero – Xalli [WVWV]

Six tracks, atmospheric breaks that characterize the style of the mexican producer. These tracks reflect what was learned and danced prior to the creation of Ranma Entero and the destiny that placed him in the city of Xalapa, Veracruz.


  • ISOR29 – Moon Phase Gardening [Second Circle]

Second Circle are excited to welcome another new artist to the label, ISOR29, with a six track mini-album titled ‘Moon Phase Gardening’. ISOR29 is a new project from Colombian musician Tomas Garcia Station and follows on from his highly regarded 2020 debut release under the ‘Irie Nation’ moniker.


  • PFM – Song For Renée

Originally a duo behind many of Good Looking Records’ early releases, Jamie Saker later left the group. PFM stands for “Progressive Future Music”. PFM were early exponents of spacious, atmospheric Drum and Bass.


  • STL – Illumination [Goldmin Music]

Goldmin Music is a label based in Paris and founded in 2012.

It is a place dedicated to different forms of electronic music, basically what we like, value and rather unconventional stuff.


  • Solar Quest – EV 003 [Expanding Vision]

EV is a new label run by Anil Lal & JDSK, courtesy of Furthur Electronix & Under The Radar focusing on Ambient and IDM.









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