The Best Electronic Music Of April 2023



  • Mammo – Variable / Plate [Nduja]

101*3: The clouds drift by gently and there’s a smell in the air reminiscent of apollo fruits. I lay down in the grass and for a brief moment everything is at peace.


  • p1LL – The Other Side EP [Serenity Now Recordings]

First ever release on the brand new label Serenity Now kick things off presenting the first ever EP by p1LL!

Even though this is the first EP as a solo artist, p1LL is very far from a newcomer.
In the mid 90s p1LL kept himself busy dj:ing and producing a lot of electronic music from his bedroom studio out of Santa Monica, where he even produced two tracks for an unreleased album by Seal. Most of this music stayed on hard drives and never came out.

Today, Serenity Now presents “The Other Side EP”, which consist of four songs produced between 1996-98.
Versatile and quirky, yet straight forward club music that really do have a stand out sound, while at the same time a sound so contemporary that it’s hard to think they were actually made almost thirty! years ago.

A new record label based in Stockholm, Sweden by Doc jay. 


  • Regal86 – Low Riders Vol. 1

A new released by Regal86, an electronic producer from Mexico.


  • Oscar Huang – Slipstream [pi pi pi]

True to its inquisitive nature and quest for fluidity, pi continues to evolve into new & enticing forms – this time, expanding it’s amoeba into a label and connective energy accumulator to bring forth Oscar Huang’s debut EP “Slipstream”. 

This first EP release for both pi & Oscar is a collection of tender dispatches recorded amidst the tumultuous landscape of the pandemic, but centered on motion and transcendence in spite of that.


  • Maara – The Ancient Truth [Step Ball Chain]

Montreal’s sapphic mixxtress, the elusive mogul Maara, unveils her debut full length LP via Step Ball Chain. A pairing written in the stars, with twelve dynamically diverse and emotive soundscapes of downtempo bliss, spine-chilling drum and bass and elevated electronica – timeless anthems for sonic indulgence and reflection. 

Take a deep dive into the sensually charged inner workings of the already prolific producer’s mind.


  • Purelink – To / Deep [NAFF Recordings]

“To / Deep” comprises four tracks, two of which –Maintain the Bliss and Head On A Swivel– were previously released as a digital-only EP in 2021.

Here, Purelink return to form with an updated sound, adding crystalline angularity and dialed precision to their warm, enveloping style.

Blissed break abstractions flutter and gasp like shifting light through variegated glass. Rhythms arise within rhythms, the breath resounds throughout.

“To / Deep” carries the uncanny feeling that home has changed, or that home is change.


  • LOIF – Plunge [Animalia]

Descend into the vast underwater world of Melbourne/Naarm producer LOIF. LOIF’s imagination of the mysterious world beneath the shores needs not words to describe it, but your ears to envision it.

‘Plunge’ presents four tracks of varying liquid moods which illustrate LOIF’s versatility and tendency to hop between genres and moods. The EP travels through the depths and rhythms of techno, electro, bass, breaks, psy, glued together by a bubbly warmth reminiscent of oceanic exploration and dance floor groove.


  • Sepehr – Diaspora Cocktail [Planet Euphorique]

The 5 track EP finds dwelling on Planet Euphorique for its historical 20th release, emitting a vibration of deeper dance and intriguing electronica the label is notorious for.


  • Johannes B​ü​geleisen – Afterhours [BFDM]

Welcome to the new BFDM and the abyss of sensualities it provides. The track which offers the reading line of the opus is that of Johannes Bugeleisen, musician who has scoured the Berlin nights for more than 10 years, remaining at all times and circumstances endowed with a big heart and an immense class.


  • Nueen – Link [3XL]

Argentinian born in Mallorca. Currently based in Barcelona.









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