The Best Electronic Music Of April 2022




The electronic music that we enjoy the most in april 2022 from different parts of the world!


  • Maara – Goddess Within [Radiant Love]

Radiant Love’s fifth release, Goddess Within by the Montreal-based producer Maara, steps into this lineage stretching from Magna Mater to disco queen – Maara’s articulation of the feminine divine, however, is often off-hand, ringing at once sincere and deeply cheeky.


  • Companion – Collection One [Companion]

First VA ~ an immersive collection of weightless atmospherics and effervescent, dub-tinged sounds for transcendental listening, sink a little deeper. Label founded by Millú y Pjenné


  • Aural Imbalance – Utopian Society, Volume One [Spatial]

New atmospheric and drum & bass sublabel focused on the sound of the 90s, founded by ASC.


  • VA – Microevolutions [Animalia]

Animalia presents the first in a series of 2 x 12” compilations. For volume one, comes Microevolutions… An homage to the label’s continued growth and evolution, a label dedicated to authentic celebrations of talented local artists.



Daniel, is one of the founders of MoveLike (MX) delivers two UKG tracks. Visit his store for tapes, records and more in the city of Guadalajara, Mexico.


  • Saver – Saver007 [Saver]

Seventh release of the mysterious label focused on minimal-house.


  • Space Ghost – Private Paradise [Pacific Rhythm]

Pacific Rhythm is elated to present a grounding offering from Oakland’s Space Ghost entitled Private Paradise as our first release of 2022. The LP is an ode to Space Ghost’s time spent at Sea Ranch on the Northern California coast, a place he and his partner visit to refresh their spirit and regain optimism and enthusiasm for the outside world.


  • Skee Mask – ISS007 [Ilian Tape]

On the 7th instalment of his Ilian Skee Series, Skee Mask turns the BPM dial down to zero for a slow and soothing ambient soundbath.


  • S.O.N.S – The Escape [S.O.N.S]

S.O.N.S first album, The Escape, because we all need to escape in our lives at some point

An O.S.T for a movie which does not exist… the story of Anna and her escape from Earth… to planet Seylanide

Including the non billboard-chart-topping singles Identity (ft. Sun) & Eternity (ft. OCB)


  • Primordial Om – Trascender, la Dualidad [Antimateria Sonora]

The Tracks included in this work were taken directly from the Live Act ofthe movie “2001: A Space Odyssey” by Stanley Kubrick, created by Primordial Om in 2020.




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