The Best Electronic Music Of 2022



This year, most of the world returned to the dancefloors with a great attitude and energetic force. These were the tracks that made an incredible 2022 for us. Music for the dancefloor and braindancing for the chillout rooms.

We appreciate all who have collaborated with our project. Thanks to you who listen to us and read through our platform without you, none of this would be possible. 

There is so much music that we surely forgot or haven’t discovered yet, if you’d like to share it with us!

Happy new year!



  • Bonus – Picture – Untitled [Help Recordings]

Danish label based in Aarhus, run by Natal and Milan Zaks


  • 25 – S.O.N.S – The Escape [S.O.N.S]

S.O.N.S first album, The Escape, because we all need to escape in our lives at some point. An O.S.T for a movie which does not exist… the story of Anna and her escape from Earth… to planet Seylanide.

Including the non billboard-chart-topping singles Identity (ft. Sun) & Eternity (ft. OCB)


  • 24 – OMAAR – McLaren EP [MoveLike]

OMAAR, DJ and producer from the State of Mexico, well known for his versatile club-style tracks that are usually found in rotation on radio stations like Rinse or NTS.

MOVELIKE welcomes OMAAR with a release in which he explores his first musical interest: jungle. ‘McLaren EP’ includes 7 tracks full of energetic breaks combined with nostalgic pads that revive the era of 90s jungle and intelligent drum and bass.


  • 23 – Hüda – Aerial Motion [DMO]

Eora based artist Hüda makes his debut on DMO for our digitools series. 2 courses of proggy riddims with uk bass. Enjoy!


  • 22 – Boundary – Hojas Viejas Muestran

    Boundary is a experimental electronic music artist from the Dominican Republic.


  • 21 – Purelink – Puredub

Lillerne is finally starting off the new-ish year with a big one: a debut selection of tunes by Chicago’s Purelink. “Puredub” brings with it a vital, lush collection of seemingly boundless sonic spaces.

At all times reflective and warm, every minute is oozing with thoughtful rhythms, impeccably spry movement, and vibrant life. “Puredub” is unusually immersive—pulling the listener in with a hypnotic and refreshingly captivating mood and tone that I’ve not heard prior. Dubby, downtempo realms in which one can truly spread out. Edition of 100 professionally duplicated cassettes.


  • 20 – Fantastic Man – Visions Of Dance Vol.1 [Superconscious Records]

The first in a one-part series, probably, Fantastic Man returns to Superconscious Records with his visions of dance, guiding 4 otherwise unwieldy mechanical modular manifestations, into high UV index rollers.


  • 19 – Azura – Theme From Azura [World Building]

Azura is back! The mysterious duo return to World Building with “Theme From Azura”. A pumpin’ sun-drenched follow-up to their number one underground club hit “Paraíso ‘89”. Hands up for the “House Version”, heads down for the “Dream Version”.

When you get a chance to dig through the unreleased Azura archives, you go for it! Another timeless WB anthem!.


  • 18 – Gi Gi – Lamella Pressed [INDEX:Records]

New INDEX:Records transmission comes courtesy of Texan vibist Gi Gi. Trodding his own path of introspective, nu-age-infused ambient scapes and trip-hop-laced downtempo divagations, Gi Gi eases us in a distinctively soothing headspace.

A self-driven, immersive audio bubble engineering a polychromatic mix of organic field-recording, exotic dub shades, lushly textured envelopes and smooth loungey jazz accents.


  • 17 – SnP 500 – Honeydoo [Doo]

Fine extended Ambient drifters.


  • 16 – Terekke – 2 The World [Plant Age Digital Sound]

Terekke returns after seven years with a new dub-ambient record!


  • 15 – Journeymann Trax – COME4WD [Journeymann TraxTM]

2 trips along the astral highway, ride it 2 realize by Bobby Draino.


  • 14 – Stasis – From A Failing Light [De:tuned]

We welcome Stasis to De:tuned! UK techno pioneer Steve Pickton has dug deep into his DAT tapes collection to unearth 2 previously unreleased recordings from the golden era ’92-’93. Both rarities offer a trademark lush and retro-futurist Detroit inspired sound that is totally unique.

Fellow Likemind legend Nuron provides a stunning remix. The track was built up from scratch as no stems were available, giving you another sneak peek of the genius musical mind that is Nuron. Stay tuned!


  • 13 – 3.11 – Dissolve In Patience [PRS]

This release was played as an audio installation in the crypt of Vor Frue Kirke in during Århus Festuge.

The tracks were released on memory sticks in October 2022.

Only available through


  • 12 – Pavilion – P12 02 [Pavilion]

Flørist prod. vibrant, deep ambient techno/house warmth.


  • 11 – Byron Yeates – Sweat Ur Prayers [Radiant Love]

Sweat Ur Prayers, the next wavy addition to Radiant Love’s catalogue, is the first solo-EP of Byron Yeates.

In their messaging, their timbres and grooves, the 4 tracks speak faithfully to Yeates’ inclinations as a DJ and label-head: the playfulness and buoyancy, a constant nod to the roots of rave, and a faith in dance music’s transformative power.


  • 10 – Parallelograms – Revival Works [F&Frecords]

Revivalworks is the new EP from Parallelograms, a DJ and producer from Mexico City. He currently manages the curatorship of the MelodyKrafter label.

Includes two remixes: In Extrema Ver better known as Head Level and Cautiverio.


  • 09 – DJ Python – Club Sentimientos Vol 2 [Incienso]

DJ Python’s first solo record since the release of the critically-acclaimed album Mas Amable.

For the New York-based Record Label founded in 2017 by Anthony Naples and Jenny Slattery.


  • 08 – C3D-E – Scattered Radiation [Acting Press]

Label co-head C3D-E takes up the helm for the long waiting return of Acting Press with epic, deep, early 90s infused ambient music / techno floaters.


  • 07 – Gabriola – Spirit Mirror [Magicwire]

After three years Magicwire label returns with a release from one of its founders.


  • 06 – Mikkel Rev – TRANS007 [Translusid]

Mikkel Rev takes us on a journey to the «other side» in Translusid 007. A reincarnation of the chill-out era, slowly immersing the listener in a deep yet captivating flow.

A solid set of tracks to rise to a higher status, accompanied by some dance floor minded remixes.


  • 05 – Maara – Goddess Within [Radiant Love]

Radiant Love’s fifth release, Goddess Within by the Montreal-based producer Maara, steps into this lineage stretching from Magna Mater to disco queen – Maara’s articulation of the feminine divine, however, is often off-hand, ringing at once sincere and deeply cheeky.


  • 04 – Neotex – Perspective Shift [Natural High]

First release on Sydney based label Natural-High comes from Neotex with four cuts ranging from club-focused music to ambient home listening.


  • 03 – Lnrdcroy – Bluerosa

Lnrdcroy reappears, one of the canadian projects that most marked the time of the 2010s.

We do not know the reasons why this release and the other songs by Lnrdcroy this 2022 from bandcamp and the network disappeared. I hope this beauty returns to the network.


  • 02 – A∞x – i.d.p.4 [Nduja]

62*2: Ice crystals decorate the well-worn machines. There’s a positive buzz in the air, as construction on the purple plane is progressing smoothly. I’m still getting used to my new form, but I feel like I can be of help.


  • 01 – Big Zen – Mirror Cut

Jamie Enns from the west coast of Vancouver, Canada.

He has also released music for the Planet Euphorique label and DustWORLD as Killer DJs alongside Dust-e-1.



Happy new year! Thank you for the support 🙂













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