The Best Electronic Music – May 2024



  • C3D-E, Hashman Deejay – Understood [MIDI_bug]

Acting Press cohort C3D-E and Hashman Deejay team up for a two-track release on MIDI_bug. Mastered by Mike Grinser and featuring artwork by Leon Eissermann.


  • C.K – Power Infusion [PRS]

Power Infusion is a mesmerizing collection of tracks that blend house, techno, and ambient genres. It features captivating melodies, pulsating beats, and ethereal soundscapes.

The vinyl release includes nine tracks, including the popular singles Sirens, This Bouncy Beat, and We Share The Skies.


  • Advanced Civilizations – Beyond the Matrix E​.​P. [Test Of Time]

The programming for our series of digital releases has been compiled and uploaded. Speaking through an earthly vessel, Advanced Civilizations taps into our collective consciousness to deliver the universal truth. Painting soundscapes of parallel timelines adjacent to our own. Distant whispers intent on elevating our existence. May you live long and…


  • Head Level – Mirador [Melodykrafter]

By Amauri from Mexico.


  • xupid – Trust Me [summerpup]

Next up on summerpup is the debut release and full-length album from Berlin-based artist xupid. Tripped out diverse techno-bass hybrids, cuts and grooves.


  • NUG – Bong Boat [West Mineral Ltd.]

NUG is the musical collaboration of artists Jordan Juras aka

PVAS and Florian T M Zeisig. They previously released their debut album Napping Under God on 3XL (2022).

Recorded February 2022 in Hinang, mixed November 2022 in Berlin.


  • L.B. Dub Corp X Burial – Only The Good Times [Dekmantel]

“For me ‘Only the Good Times’ is a deeply emotional track. It’s one of those tracks, that ended up entwined in love and somehow life affirming. My immediate thought was to get Burial to remix it, not only because he is one of the most entrancing producers ever, but also because of our heart felt connection and to get him away from his Playstation for ten seconds. Thank you Arnol, Will and everyone else connecting to the music ♥️”


  • trickpony – Pillow Talk [Step Ball Chain]

Step Ball Chain’s unconventional prototype band trickpony is the 11th release on the ever evolving imprint. An assortment of sensual cyber jams collaged together by the trio over timezones, birthed in Perth, Australia by Mike Midnight and Roza Terenzi; old friends joined by Helsinki’s visionary songstress Maria Korkeila.

A trinity of alchemy blossomed into an audio rendition of exquisite corpse, layers of each entity glistening through amongst a united cosmos; trip hop atmospherics and downtempo drippings.


  • Naemi – Dust Devil [3XL]

“Snapshots of the myriad moods that populate trajectories of one’s most intimate bonds with friends, lovers, the body, the self, and immediate surroundings. Glimpses of providing care for oneself, sparking romance, splintering, daily drama, and embarking through an inner desert.

Intersections at a certain place in time, in softness and compassion.

There is much pain in suspension, much anger in grief.

Seek nourishment—

Wide open space, endless horizon road.”

— Naemi

  • 2401 – Untitled

a01.b/w flower b01.9 degrees & rain.



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