The Best Electronic Music – January – February 2024




  • Skyark – When It Rains it Pours [Transmigration]

Beautiful 90’s ambient techno reimagined via Sunju Hargun’s Eternal Injection alias.

  • Work The Peripherals – Shades Of Green

An EP experimenting with faster tempos and a focus on trance sounds – something for all hours of the night.


  • Solar Alliance – HAMMAR Ö – 23 [Solar Alliance]

Welcome to T.S.A.I.F.A.R.D (The Solar Alliance Institute For Auditory Research & Development)

Our dedicated team of researchers meet once a year at an undisclosed remote cabin located in the northern hemisphere. For three days they conduct studies and experiments with soundwaves and revolutionary (patented) techniques in the field of healing frequencies.

After two straight days of research, mind expansive practices and recording, they spend the last day preparing their finds for human comprehension.


  • VA – DLAID [De Lichting]

De Lichting unites in a new musical venture to raise funds and aid those in dire situations caused by war and conflict. The proceeds will further support humanitarian aid for the following causes:

• Gaza

• DR Congo


  • DJ Popup – Efune [NES]

Danish label operated by DJ Popup.


  • LT – Verb — 0 [Tech Startup]

Long-time associate, LT, inputs the expected value—supplied in demand.


  • lazy deejay – the “self – titled” EP [Cool Underground Music]

Cool Underground Music presents: the lazy deejay EP. four foggy joints, pressed on wax. rolling basslines, hypnotic rhythms, familiar echoes from our past. right on time, the deed is done. warm transmissions have begun. with CUM001…


  • SnP 500 – Aleven [Doo]

We have a tonne of music we want to share so we stacked it all on top of each other and pushed it into three tracks that made a bit of a portal kinda like a black hole.


  • 0 – 06 [0]

I can’t explain the pulse but the system is wide and resonant, the house is open again – advanced in dynamics, more and pure electricity.. the sixth release on 0, produced by C3D-E and Hashman


  • 2302 – Untitled [Heaven Smile]

Second record of 2302 <3





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