Nostalgia 042



  • Reload – Archives [Evolution] (1997)

Record label of Tom Middleton & Mark Pritchard, also home to artists like The Horn and max404.


  • Mick Chillage – FAXology [Fax +49-69/450464] (2011)

Dublin based Mick Chillage has been producing various strains of electronic music since 1996.

Was one half of Djing duo “The Chillage Idiots” that played a diverse range of music over the Dublin airwaves in the late 90’s & into the 00’s.


  • Mothersole & Haris – It Is What’s It’s Not E.P. [Laus Records] (2002)

South London based Tech-house label run by Haris.


  • Aubrey – Solid Groove Trax [Solid Groove] (1995)

Aubrey set up his own label in the same year – Solid Groove Records, the label had 30 vinyl releases over thirteen years and tracks were licensed by Derrick May, Terry Francis, Pete Tong, Adam X, and Carl Cox.


  • Ignacio – Organa / Organon [Music Man Records] (1997)

Well known belgian techno label founded in 1989 as a subdivision of N.E.W.S., Belgium; and is managed by Stefaan Vandenberghe.


  • Gabriel Le Mar – Gab’s Gift [Spirit Zone Recordings] (2000)

Gabriel Le Mar is a music producer releasing electronic music with a special focus on deep sounds and Dub inspired TechnoHouse. Inspired by the mix techniques of Jamaican Dub music, Gabriel combines his heavy Dub mixing with the pure physical energy of club and dancefloor sounds in his productions.


  • Bandulu – EP Judgement [Foundation Sound Works] (1999)

Label owned by Bandulu.


  • UK Gold – Soulless E.P. [Primevil] (2000)

UK Gold is the second side of Chris McCormack. His releases under this moniker are usually on the Primevil label and in the Tribal House style.


  • Love Inc. – R.E.S.P.E.C.T. The Remixes [Force Inc. Music Works] (1996)

German electronic musician, co-founder and co-owner of Kompakt, Cologne-based label and record store.


  • Unknown Artist – Soulstone [Gadgets] (2001)

Record Label founded 1995 by Corrado Izzo and Bernd Maus. Label is defunct.

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