Nostalgia 040




  • Schatrax – Stamp Collecting [Schatrax] (1998)

Producer from the Isle Of Wight (UK) who owned the Schatrax and Forever Grey Records labels.


  • Blueless – Invidia [Capture Records] (2005)

Label founded by Blueless (Sue McGuinness)


  • Deepthoughts – Rote Rio Fische E.P. [Auris Recordings] (2004)

Deep-house label owned by Pino Shamlou, Jay Eff, Tom Newman and Frankman.


  • Global Communication – The Way / The Deep [Dedicated] (1996)

Classic record from the legends: Mark Pritchard & Tom Middleton!


  • Venedikt Reyf – Heroes [Niveous Records] (2009)

Techno & House label from Cologne (Germany) founded in 2009.


  • Audio For Movement – Epiphany / Hymn Of Praise [Euphonic Records]

US House music label.


  • Transzone – I Still Remember / Love & Peace (1991)

Beautiful downtempo record <3


  • Malka Spigel – Hide [Swim ~] (1996)

Innovative electronica-label launched in 1993 with Malka Spigel’s first solo album “Rosh Ballata”. Swim is run by Malka Spigel and her partner Colin Newman (the Wire man) and has ploughed a furrow as the premier “Post Everything” label.


  • Claude Young – Soft Thru [Elypsia] (1997)

Techno producer and DJ from Detroit.


  • Nail – The Beeston EP [DiY Discs] (1994)

Producer from Nottingham, UK. Owned the Velocet label. Runs the 89:GHOST label. Used to work in Nottingham’s Selectadisc record shop.

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