Nostalgia 038



  • Carl Craig – Landcruising [Blanco y Negro] (1995)

Carl Craig was a key player in Detroit techno’s second wave, following the futuristic lead of originators Derrick MayKevin Saunderson, and Juan Atkins, and eventually collaborating with May. He began recording at the turn of the 1990’s, using a number of aliases to release innovative ambient, techno, breakbeat and future jazz sounds.


  • Praha – Schrigger [Player One Records] (2001)

UK-based progressive house/trance label. Most of its output is either written, produced or engineered by Brancaccio & Aisher. Now defunct.


  • Blue Noise – Modular EP [Slide Recordings] (2001)

Richard Fox! UK Progressive and Tech House sounds!


  • New Balance – Reflections / Secret Portraits [Looking Good Records] (1997)

Looking Good is a sublabel of LTJ Bukem’s Good Looking Records.


  • Nemeton – Transam (Remixed by LTJ Bukem) [One Little Indian] (1995)

Head of the Good Looking Organisation of labels and artists. Widely acknowledged to be one of the leading figures in the genre of atmospheric or intelligent drum’n’bass.


  • Sultana – Te Amo [Volumex] (1993)

Label from Italy. A division of Dancework s.r.l.


  • Spikewave – Inspiration Information [Crue-L Records] (2005)

Japanese Dance Music Label with releases covering house, dub, funk, r’n’b and breakbeat flavours.

Credits to Don Chich, gracias amigo <3


  • VA – Transonic (970-1450km/h) [Transonic Records] (1994)

Japanese label for techno, trance, electronic, experimental and improvised music, formed in April 1994 by Kazunao Nagata as a successor to the Trigger Label. The label was laid to rest in 2004 with Kazunao Nagata now working with ExT Recordings.


  • Tournesol – Kokotsu [Apollo] (1994)

Danish electronic duo.


  • Bola – Soup [Skam] (1998)

Abstract, downtempo and IDM producer from Manchester, England. Active since 1994.

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