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  • Astralasia – Hashishin [Magick Eye Records] (1994)

Originally started in 1990 as an Ambient-Dub side-project to the psychedelic pop/rock group Magic Mushroom Band, with members taking part in both groups. Astralasia soon began to explore the dancefloor space as well, and while the Magic Mushroom Band has been dormant since 1995, Astralasia is still active.


  • F*O*X – Once More [TKN Productions] (1993)

Italian House & Techno label. Active in 1992-1993. Related to VisnadiMax ArtusiRicky Stecca.


  • Vince Watson – Out Of The Deep EP [Alola] (1999)

DJ / Producer from Erskine, Scotland, now living in Amsterdam Netherlands.


  • Aubrey – Ginger Biscuit [Solid Groove] (1995)

He started recording in 1990 for Sheffield label Ozone Recordings under the name of Panic with a release called Voices Of Energy, which was then licensed to Buzz in Belgium.

Aubrey set up his own label in the same year – Solid Groove Records, the label had 30 vinyl releases over thirteen years and tracks were licensed by Derrick MayTerry FrancisPete TongAdam X, and Carl Cox.


  • Damon Wild – Downtown Worlds [Kanzleramt] (2004)

Damon Wild was born (1967) and raised in the South (New Orleans, La.), then moved North to NYC to launch his music career. In 1991 he began Experimental Records and later Synewave.

Damon is well know for his acidic and minimalistic productions such as “Avion”, “Rotary”, “Bang The Acid”, and his Subtractive Synthesis alias.


  • A Sagittariun – Rapid Ear Movement EP [Elastic Dreams] (2013)

Lovely techno record from Nick Harris.


  • Planetary Assault Systems – The Drone Sector [Peacefrog Records] (1998)

Started by Pete Hutchison and Paul Ballard in 1991, Peacefrog is a UK independent label releasing many different styles of electronic music. After the Lodger 303 E.P., Paul Ballard withdrew from Peacefrog Records.


  • Fluid – The Man With Three Heads [No Bones Records] (1995)

A progressive underground dance label. Releasing both 12-inches and CD albums. Covering a range of styles including breakbeat, jazz-hop, future-funk, drum & bass, chill-out, and experimental electronica.

Dominic Glynn started the label in 1996 following a period recording as Syzygy with Justin Mackay for Rising High Records and composing music for the BBC’s cult TV series “Dr. Who”.

The label’s insistence on creative freedom and quality output attracted rising artists, and some bigger names as well, from the cream of global electronica.


  • Single Cell Orchestra – The Liberated E.P. [ZoëMagik Records] (1993)

Zoëmagik – Current home to West Coast Massive star W (also known as WISHFM). Occasional resting spot for House’s most amazing transcontinental butterfly – Charlotte,The Baroness.

Known since the early nineties as one of the first hotbeds of tribal trance, happy house, drum & bass and all things SanFranDisco. 

The label has continued to collect and nurture the best of what this pacific world has to offer and create a future where the icon is the cat and the rhythm is the dance…check out the essential selection of early house classics that zoëmagik was part of creating


  • Deep Contest – The Ripost EP [Fnac Music Dance Division] (1993)

The dance division of Fnac Music was founded and run in 1991 by Eric Morand. After the closure of Fnac Music, it was followed in 1994 by F Communications.

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