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  • Sun Beats Down – Escape / Safari / Sun Slows Down [South Circular Recordings] (1995)

Founded by Matt Edwards aka Radio Slave. SCR was distributed by Pinnacle and they released mainly progressive house.


  • Van Bellen – The Senses E.P. [Beak Recordings] (2000)

German progressive house producer and DJ.


  • Me And Jack – Viva House [EC Records] (1995)

Dutch progressive House & Techno label, founded in 1993 by Michel De Hey & Jeroen Verheij.


  • Jeremy – So Peaceful [Driftwood] (2002)

Deep, minimal atmospheric house label running between 2000-2002 by Jean F. Cochois and Norman Feller.


  • UBQ Project Featuring Kathy Summers – Volume II [House -N- Effect Records] (1991)

House Label from Chicago.


  • Merv – Masters At Play [Dancecop] (1995)

Danish techno label, subdivision of Mainline Records.


  • The 7th Plain – Astra-Naut-E [General Production Recordings] (1994)

UK-based techno / electronic music label running from the early ’90s to 15th October 2019.

General Production Recordings was conceived in 1989 and launched officially in 1991, breaking the trends of dance music at that time. Among other things GPR discovered and exposed the sublime (and at the time, unknown) Black Dog, giving a hint of the high standard of releases to follow.


  • Influx – Od [Sapho] (1993)

Sapho was a subsidiary of the Rising High Records label and named after Caspar Pound’s daughter. Label inactive but not defunct.


  • Elements Of Life – So As I Live….So Am I Deep [OMW] (1996)

OMW – Founded in 1991 by Andy Shih, its initial, occasional releases focused on the sounds of the then-thriving New York underground house music scene.

By the time of its last release in 2001, the label’s roster had expanded to include hip hop and electronic dance music.


  • Astral Pilot – Electro Acupuncture [Harthouse] (1995)

The Omen emerged from Club Vogue in 1988. Under the leadership of the trio Sven Väth, Michael Münzing and Mathias Martinson, the club developed into one of the centers of the global techno scene over the next ten years. In addition to co-founder Sven Väth, well-known DJs such as Carl Cox, Frank Lorber, Toni Rios, Gayle San, DJ Dag, Chris Liebing, Ulli Brenner and Jeff Mills played in the club. Väth was known for his sets, which lasted up to 15 hours, which he regularly played on Fridays when he was in Frankfurt.

After the “farewell weekend,” the Omen closed on October 19, 1998 because the owner of the property threatened to terminate the lease. The last track played was “Astral Pilot – The Day After”. There were three closing parties in total: on Monday, Wednesday and Friday all the way through to Monday morning. The rush of visitors on Sunday was so great that the organizers put loudspeakers on the street, where several hundred people danced. The police did not intervene, but blocked Junghofstrasse completely for through traffic for several hours.


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