Nostalgia 033



  • Deep Space Organisms / Inspired Mindz – Aural Entity / Co-Inside [Within Records] [2001]

Atmospheric electronica <3


  • Various – Believe In The Frequency Power [Syzygy Records] [1993]

Syzygy was founded by Ken Inaoka in 1993 and was one of the first independent techno labels in Japan. DFL = Ken Inaoka & DJ Ni-Ya (Takuya Nishigaito).


  • iO – Sustain & Release [1994]

Cheap was founded by Erdem Tunakan and Patrick Pulsinger in Vienna, Austria in 1993.


  • Serotonin – Give It To Me / Fazamour [Free Spirit Records] (1993)

UK Classic House from the 90s.


  • Swayzak – Himawari [Medicine Label] (2000)

Started in 1993 using the name Language Lab, then as Swayzak from around 1997 onwards with their unmistakable deep, uplifting and curious feel.

Early albums Snowboarding In Argentina and Himawari between 1998–2000, focused on dubby, spacy and highly rewarding music, very much cherished, unrivalled 20 years later and momentous achievements in the history of house, techno and deep minimal. It is still hard to define exactly what kind of genre of music they were.


  • Steve Stoll – The Blunted Boy Wonder [NovaMute] (1998)

American techno and ambient producer and DJ, born in 1967 in Staten Island.

Since the early 90s Steve Stoll has been a fixture on the global techno scene, traveling the world with a laptop and a record crate. With his well deserved reputation as a “producer’s producer” and his stripped down minimalist approach to music, Steve was signed to Ritchie Hawtin’s “Probe” label in 1992, and the rest is techno history. Also owned the Proper N.Y.C. label.


  • Theorem – Shift [M_nus] (1998)

Essential for any fan of dub techno music ! just beautiful <3


  • David Morley – The Shuttle EP [R&S Records] (1996)

At the age of 19 he started working in a Brussels studio, learning engineering and studying guitar. Late 1980’s, met Renaat Vandepapeliere from R&S Records.


  • Planetary Assault Systems – The Messenger (1996) (2011)

“Playing With Fools “ was re-appropriated by Luke and is on the digital version of the Planetary Assault Systems LP on Ostgut Ton – “Railer (Further Exploration)”.


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