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  • Dance 2 Trance – We Came In Peace [Logic Records] (1993)

German trance duo. They met in 1990 and decided to work together; their first release was in the same year with a promo named “Dance 2 Trance.” Their commercial break came in 1992 with the release of “P.ower Of A.merican N.atives.”

In 1995, they decided to go their separate ways, with DJ Dag going solo, and Ellmer concentrating more on his other project, Jam & Spoon.



  • Elisa – Love vibration [FFRR] (1992)

Former british top model from the end of the 80s and the beginning of the 90’s.


  • The Timewriter – Jigsaw Pieces [Plastic City] (1998)

After several band memberships and three theatre music projects, Frank produced his first Album ‚The Timerewinder‘ in 1994. The LP got released under his alias JFC on Mole Listening Pearls not before 1997 though.

It was Tom Wax who introduced Frank Cochois to the upcoming label Plastic City in 1995. Next to Terry Lee Brown Jr., The Timewriter would become THE most influential artist in the development of Plastic City as one of the major outlets for TechHouse in Germany and beyond.


  • Audio Lotion – Advanced Skin Care [Jaboo Records] (1999)

Alex Gamma and René Luther are AL. Duo between DnB, breaks and downtempo from the 90s and 00s.


  • Galactika 1 – We Come In Peace [Fabric Of Life] (1991)

There is only one release of this unknown project. Ambient and downtempo vibes from the 90s, very special for me.


  • Rapino brothers Versus Trip Ship – Go Ahead London [Smart Records]

“Beat With A Byte From Copenhagen”

Smart Records Copenhagen released many early TIP Records releases in Scandinavia. These releases included the exact same records (with same TIP catnum engraving) and TIP ‘Shiva head’ label on the A side. The only differing features were the sleeve (with Smart catnum), and sometimes a label over the info side.


  • Pentatonik – Autonomous: Series One [Kudos Records] (1993)

Stunning tracks from the 90s by R. Simeone Bowring.


  • Saint Etienne – Foxbase Alpha [Heavenly] (1991)

English indie pop band, founded in London in 1990.


  • Model 500 – Starlight [Metroplex] (1995)

Model 500 is an alias for Juan Atkins. One of the best techno tracks out there, massive remix by the legend: Moritz von Oswald.


  • 154 – Strike [Delsin Records] (2004)

Beautiful album from 154 better know as Newworldaquarium.



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