Nostalgia 030



  • Harmon Eyes – Through The Tunnel [Loop Records] [Proxima] (1995)

Superbly multifaceted nocturnal sound journey by prolific Swedish producer Peter Benisch, known under the name “Harmon Eyes”. Beautiful synth melodies, powerful drums: three techno/trance tracks from out of space. All tracks freshly remastered. Powerful, unique and must-have EP!

All tracks made by Peter Benisch at the Globe Studio Stockholm. Originally released on Loop Records. This record is an official collaboration between Peter Benisch and Proxima.


  • Kiva – Into The Sun [Id] (1995)

Australian electronic music project. At times when appearing as a vocalist Royce Doherty himself is credited as ‘Kiva’.


  • Heights Of Abraham – Electric Hush [Pork Recordings] (1995)

Steve Cobby (one half of Fila Brazillia), and Harries and Lister (ex Chakk, Sheffield steel city funksters) formed the “model chill-out with dreamy vapours” Heights of Abraham in 1993.


  • Martinez – Laidback Grooves Vol. 2 [Guidance Recordings] (2002)

Swedish Techno/House producer, born 12 November 1981 in Helsingborg, now based in Copenhagen, Denmark.


  • The Infinite Wheel – Infinite Wheel [Brainiak Records] (1994)

North London-based ambient dance duo who consist of former Pigbag percussionist/guitarist James Johnstone and Mark Smith.


  • Gas – Modern [Profan] (1995)

Profan regards itself not as a techno label in the traditional sense. Founded in 1993 by Wolfgang Voigt, it follows more the meandering side-paths of Techno. The crackling besides. The grooving in the groove. Profan is complex and theoritical.


  • Nüw Idol – Unite [Nuw Communications] (1993)

Very first release under the Nüw Idol name in 1993. Ancient galactic music decoded and restored for 4th dimension understanding by MISTER MO. Mister Mo AKA Nüw Idol/Michel Spiegel.


  • DJ Icey – Not A Test [FFRR] (1998)

Prolific Breaks/Breakbeat producer from Florida, USA. Owner of Zone Records.


  • Psychedelic Research Lab – Tarenah [Gyroscopic Recordings] (1993)

Written and produced by Scott Richmond and John Selway.


  • Mappa Mundi – Musaics LP [USA Import Music] [Midnight Drive] (1990)

Mappa Mundi’s sole release ‘Musaics’ was released on Belgium’s legendary USA Import label in 1990, riding on the wave of early trance and ambient house sounds and exploring the same sonic terrain and worlds as The Orb, The KLF, Sun Electric and other like minded outfits. 

A wonderful swirling collage or mosaic of breakbeats, samples and new-age synth stylings, ‘Musaics’ is indeed a real trip.

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