Nostalgia 027



Some house, acid, dub, techno classics records essentials for your collection!



  • DJ Dozia – Shape Shifter [Nou Lion Recordings] (1997)

Philly House producer. Works with Scuba and King Britt (Ovum records). Owner of the label Nou Lion Recordings.


  • Taklamakan – Taklamakan [Elektrolux] (1997)

House dub acid project from Germany.


  • Cass – The Trader [Fire] (2001)

Dutch progressive house of the golden era.


  • Choice – Acid Eiffel / How Do You Plead? [Fragile Records] (1993)

One-release collaboration between Laurent Garnier & Shazz, with the help of St Germain as sound engineer.


  • VA – Music Institute 20th anniversary (Pt 1 of 3) (NDATL) (2009)

Kai Alcé´s label. Born in NY from Detroit via Atlanta, hence the name N.D.ATL.


  • Moby – Next Is The E [Instinct Records] (1992)

One of electronic music’s most visible and talked-about figures, Moby’s career comprises many years of work and many musical twists and turns.

His career stretches all the way back to early rave and acid-house releases in the late 80s and early 90s as U.H.F. and Voodoo Child, through to his much loved/hated R&B/blues/pop/techno sample cut-ups of today.


  • Groove Corporation – Passion E.P. [6×6 Records] (1993)

The Groove Corporation (currently G. Corp) started as Electribe 101. The name “Groove Corporation” was first used as a production moniker on Electribe 101 records and on remixes done for other artists.

After Electribe 101 dissolved, the boys in the group continued as “Groove Corporation” (while Billie Ray Martin went solo) and formed (with Rockers Hi-Fi) their own label, The Cake Label.


  • Pure Science – Sci-Phi Hu-man Spirit [Lunar Tunes] (1998)

During the ’90s, Phvos gained a reputation around the London underground party scene for being able to deliver a seemingly mixed groove of tribal, techno, acid and house music with a deep, edgy feel.


  • Terry Lee Brown Jr. – From dub Til Dawn [Plastic City] (2000)

Terry Lee Brown Junior, also known as Norman Feller, started DJing at parties in the German underground techno and house movement back in 1989. His first productions followed soon after with “The Big Deal” breaking Terry into the world of production back in 1993. Immediately Terry’s talent was recognized, and he began contributing more tracks to the global underground.


  • JFC – Chrome De Lux [Elektrolux] (2000)

JFC is a downtempo, ambient and dub project of Jean F. Cochois better known as The Timewriter.

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