Nostalgia 026


Some house, techno, breakbeat & trance classic records essential for your collection!


  • Alien Signal – The Search Begins [Upland Recordings] (1993)

Text stated on back of sleeve: “On October 12,1992, half a millenium after Columbus landed on the shores of a NEW WORLD, NASA astronomers have initiated a grand-scale search for extraterrestrial intelligence. 

This album is an inspiration of that event, 9 tracks of pure trance enjoyment, touching your soul in a deeper mind-flying trip, completely recorded with the old analogic synthesizers to give you the same taste of the first new age & ambient musicians. 

Try to listen at home after a rave or club night, so you’ll understand why we call it PRIVATE DANCE MUSIC” by Stefano Paganelli.


  • Power Circle – Garden Of Peace [M&G] (1993)

Power Circle consisted of Graham Dear and Richard Sullivan as the song writing and production duo, playing and engineering all music and principally with Louise Burton as the vocalist apart from some early experimental tracks.


  • Martin Bond – Liquid Echoes [Visible Records] (1994)

R.A.N.D. Muzik Recordings remasters and reissues Martin Bond’s, ‘Liquid Echoes’, first released in 1994 on San Franciscan psychedelic house label, Visible Records. Includes the amazing Aqueous Mix by Seofon.


  • DJ Sprinkles Vs K-S.H.E – A Short Introduction To The House Sounds Of Terre Thaemlitz [Skylax] (2010)

DJ and producer from US currently living in Japan, Owner of the Comatonse Recordings label.


  • Peter Benisch – Soundtrack Saga (Remixes Part Two) [1220] (2001)

Started early developing an interest for synthesizers and computers, and has built some of the synthesizers used in his musical productions. 

He is also running the company Frost Network, which builds and sells music-optimised computers.


  • Mike Grant – And Then It Was My Turn… [Moods & Grooves] (2001)

American deep house, tech-house, and techno label, from Detroit, Michigan, USA, and run by Mike Grant.


  • Farfability – Farf – Ability [Interactive Test] (1992)

Italian label founded in the early 90s by Franco Falsini and Riccardo Falsini.


  • VA – The Electric Family – Mariopaint (The 12 Inch) (1995)

Akin Fernandez is the owner & manager of Irdial Discs.


  • Rabbit In The Moon – Orisha [Hallucination] (1993)

American electronic music group, formed 1992 in Tampa, Florida. Their style draws from psychedelic trance, house music and breakbeat, along with other diverse influences.


  • Glissando Bros. – Vol. 2 – Man On The Moon [STIR15 Recordings] (1997]

The Glissando Bros. project is run by engineer and keyboard player Marko Bussian together with STIR15 label-head Nelson Machado. 

Their 2000/2001 album release ‘A Great Gift Anytime’ was the biggest success for STIR15 up to that point and a major step for German house music. Combining hypnotic strings, rhodes and crystal clear sound, they delivered a moody and deep definition of house music full of jazz and soul elements and even a little pop appeal. 

Check out their co-productions with Jimmie Maurice Wilson (‘Pretender’ & ‘Flowers’) and their Clair Dietrich production ‘Even Better’ with a slamming Swag remix. The Glissando Bros. were the first German deep house band to perform live at the big stage of the Sonar Festival in 2001.


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