Nostalgia 025



Some house, techno, trance and drum and bass classic records essential for your collection!


  • Yakari – Tranquiliser EP [Loop Records] (1994)

Yakari is a trance and experiemental pseudonyme by Cari Lekebush, previously released on Vito Ingrosso’s and Jocke Hövel’s label Loop Records.


  • Quark – Migration [Two Thumbs] (1994)

Label founded by Frank De Wulf. Also known as Two Thumbs Records.


  • Overlords of the UFO – Hippies from Outer Space (90s)

Contains two earlier unreleased tracks and another that was featured on an EP in the mid-90’s


  • Terry Lee Brown Jr. – Brother For Real [Plastic City] (1996)

Terry Lee Brown Junior, also known as Norman Feller, started DJing at parties in the German underground techno and house movement back in 1989. His first productions followed soon after with “The Big Deal” breaking Terry into the world of production back in 1993. Immediately Terry’s talent was recognized, and he began contributing more tracks to the global underground.


  • Envelope – Be There [Airtight] (2001)

Berkeley-based Primal Records has a knack of unearthing fresh new talent, the mysterious Envelope is no exception. Formed by the ubiquitous Ted E. Graham (no relation to the cookie – although his friends may say otherwise), Envelope makes deep, grooving music that capably bridges the gap between techno and house.

He can now be added to Primal Records’ hall of fame that already includes The Lumpheads, Tony Hewitt and Terry Francis, aka T. Collective, and Crispin J. Glover. Listen to “Be There” for a glimpse of the glorious West Coast tech-house sound.


  • Two Lone Swordsmen – Swimming Not Skimming [Emissions Audio Output] (1996)

British duo, formed in 1995 by house DJ and producer Andrew Weatherall and studio engineer Keith Tenniswood.


  • Aural Imbalance – Legacy [Cadence Recordings] (2012)

Production alias of Simon Huxtable, co-owner of Deep Space Recordings and one-half of Deep Space Organisms. Prior to creating D.S.O., he produced atmospheric drum’n’bass, but now he puts out releases in the progressive breaks/trance/ambient vein.


  • Mystic Moods – Music Is The Basis Of All Life [Mystic Moods] (1996)

Chilled Drum & Bass side project of Basement Phil and Jack Smooth, that mostly released records on their own Mystic Moods label.


  • Russ Gabriel – Voltage Control [Input Neuron Musique Ltd.] (1995)

British electronic musician, DJ, producer, composer and filmmaker from Portsmouth. He is the founder of Ferox Records and Sestra Recordings.


  • Sun Electric / Schizophrenia – Tresor 3 (Three) [NovaMute] (1995)

Schizophrenia is a project by the legend Moritz von Oswald.

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