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His versatility and adiction to several music genres have placed him for more than 8 years as the main resident of Bar Américas (Guadalajara), delivering most of the warm-ups for national and international guests.

He has come a long way as a DJ, starting in 1996 in Chihuahua, MX, his hometown. He was one of those responsible for starting the culture of electronic music in Chihuahua since 1998, making and promoting events and raves. He is part of various projects as a DJ: NSF, DiscoRollers, TRAPLØRDS, Francia ’98 and Factory Setup. Also, he is known as CLUB RAVE, Dua Lipsync and fakefamous.

He manages the label “Richmerch” along with Macaulay. He is responsible for the visual identity of “Richmerch” and “MAAI Records”.

For a time, he was one of the hosts of “Underexposed:Resolution”, an internet radio show that aired on, one of the first internet radio stations exclusively of electronic music 24/7. Currently he is the host of “”, a show broadcasted on Internet Public Radio.

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