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Estimulo is an avid record digger and die-hard music aficionado, with extensive vaults of records since the late 80s.

His weekly Radio Show (EstimuloShow @ has been on since 2007, also available on Cashmere Radio since 2017) is regarded as a mainstay by many people in the scene. Marathon live streams are very regular in his Berlin basement, because he want to be sure that the DJ real expresses their art!

Some guests that has been invited in his radio show are names like: Flørist, Hashman Deejay, P Relief, C.K and the co-founders of Acting Press: PLO Man and C3D-E.

Estimulo used to co-run the futura event agency and DJ crew, who has been causing some stir in the Berlin scene with their proceedings in beloved underground spots like ://about blank, Paloma, Horst and Chez Jacki/Maria am Ostbahnhof.

Enjoy a mix by the legend of Berlin!

¡Muchas gracias amigo! <3

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