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Basic Channel celebrates its 30th anniversary with some repress from its incredible catalog. So we thought it would be a good idea to publish our favorite releases from the label, as well as their sublabels. Such as: M-Series, Burial Mix, Rhythm & Sound and Chain Reaction.

So this will not be the only post and it would be unfair to select only nine records from the Basic Channel galaxy founded by Mark Ernestus and Moritz von Oswald.

BC history reads between Berlin connection with Detroit and Chicago underground dance music in the 90s. They are considered the creators of dub techno music. Also through Hard Wax, co-founder Mark Ernestus brought records from Detroit and Chicago to Berlin. 

However, Ernestus and Moritz von Oswald don’t talk much about the label they founded 30 years ago, so their legacy remains a mystery. 

Carl Craig  once commented: ”It wasn’t a sound that was from our galaxy, it was a sound from another dimension, if anything sounded like a black hole it’s probably Basic Channel music.”

So we made a little guide to discover BC galaxy, with our favorite releases from the label, for more info follow the link in bio.

To be continued… (1/3)


Basic Channel & M-Series Records


  • Maurizio – Domina [Maurizio] (1993)

Seminal Techno classic.



  • Quadrant – Infinition / Hyperprism [Basic Channel] (2004) (1993)

Both tracks originally released in 1993 on Planet E (Infinition) and sub-licensed on R&S (Quadrant E.P.).

The demand for Basic Channel records has been hyped of late due to the 10th anniversary re-press of the original 9 releases, this further 12″ completes the early evolution of their sound, and the bare 909 drums and classic washy synth’s show the early leaning’s toward the Phylyps Trak style cuts, and their first foray in to the annals of techno history.



  • Basic Channel – Octagon / Octaedre [Basic Channel] (1994)

Eternal, unmatched, still futuristic sounding Techno textures.



  • Basic Channel – Phylyps Trak [Basic Channel] (1993)

Blueprint Techno. Timeless beast of a masterpiece.



  • Basic Channel – Phylyps Trak II [Basic Channel] (1994)

Eternal Dub Techno blueprints.



Vainqueur – Lyot [Maurizio] (1992)

Techno classic w/ seminal Maurizio mix.



  • Maurizio – M4 [Maurizio] (1995)

Essential, blueprint house or techno groove, whatever sounds incredible!



  • Basic Channel – Quadrant Dub [Basic Channel] (1994)

These are dub versions of “Round One – I’m Your Brother“.
A shorter version of “Quadrant Dub II” also appeared on Round One To Round Five – 1993-99 (credited to Round One).



  • Basic Channel – Radiance [Basic Channel] (1994)

Pioneering Ambient Techno in Dub mode.


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