The Best Electronic Music Of October 2022


It’s bandcamp friday, support your favorite artists. We share with you the music we enjoyed the most last month. From 90s music that finally see the light of day, some techno, trancey stuff and ambient music. Have a great weekend.


  • Unit 21 – Reconnect 1994 – 1998 [re:discovery records]

On behalf of re:discovery records, it is with great excitement that we announce our latest release by Unit21 called “Reconnect”. Unit21 is the code name for the veteran swedish producer Tobias Gronvall. This release features 12 tracks from the years 1994-2008 that are finally seeing the light of day.

We are very pleased to share them with you on our first re:discovery CD release. These tracks are a timeless mix of techno, ambient, idm, experimentalism with a dose of post-rave fist. This album is sure to conjure up comparisons to landmark 1990’s releases from Speedy J, LFO or Luke Slater, certainly with their more IDM works.

There is certainly an over-arching aggression and song like structures of these tracks that are 1990’s techno to the core. Finding unreleased gems like these from the 1990s and from Sweden isn’t something that happens to often these days as they used to. It’s exciting to see great music that is still yet to be re:discovered.


  • Nuron + Fugue – DAT Tapes 1993 – 1994 [De:tuned]

Nuron makes a spectacular return on De:tuned with a compilation of hidden treasures! Nurmad Jusat aka Nuron / Fugue, one of the originators of the UK emotive techno sound, went on a quest for archived material and unearthed a handful of DAT tapes with previously unreleased music from the early to mid 90s.

The tracks offer a deeply melodic and unique masterclass. Nuron combines a pulsing four-on-the-floor signature beat of the traditional techno sound with his characteristic rhythm and harmony elements. Classic Likemind esque material that comes with an exclusive Stasis remix of ‘Contrapoint’.


  • Gabriola – Spirit Mirror [Magicwire]

After three years Magicwire label returns with a release from one of its founders.


  • Jon Jones – Hyla EP [Dream Software]

Jon Jones is first to contribute to the DS global frequency database, with a blissed-out 3-track EP, ‘Hyla’. In this program, we are situated in an open-world environment with a densely populated 3D rainforest installed.

Here we will explore the realms of cybernetics and it’s correlations between ourselves and the natural world.


  • VA – Out Of Season Vol. 2 [Theory Therapy]

Music for the spaces inside and in-between. Out of Season Vol. 2 is the second compilation from Eora-based label Theory Therapy. 10 tracks of ambient and downtempo made in So-called Australia, the US, UK and Canada.


  • P Relief – Ethereal Child

Five songs from 2021. Ranging in genre, unified in atmosphere. Check out a mix of P Relief for our mix series here: Esencia 052 – P Relief


  • W.A.H. – Nenúfares [Discos Sentimiento]

In his latest EP ‘Nenúfares’, 19 year old Mexican DJ and producer Pablo Wah, better known as W.A.H., has released his first EP ‘Nenúfares’.

Featuring three original tracks and remixes from four of W.A.H.’s most influential and relevant artists, ‘Nenúfares’ tells a story that explores diverse emotions.


  • The Business – Hard Fax [Tech Startup]

Founded in an incubator in Seattle, WA, Tech Startup offers dancing solutions to a globalized world.


  • Fadi Mohem – Mohem 01 [Mohem]

Fabulous Dub Techno freshness in best Basic Channel tradition.


  • Rove Ranger – Soap EP [Out Of Palce]

Long awaited hit track “Soap” from Stuttgart’s super talented Rove Ranger is finally coming out on the beautiful colored vinyl accompanied with classy, old school feel track “Fellas R Good” One not to be missed!


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