The Best Electronic Music Of November 2023




  • Head Level – El Tiempo [Melodykrafter]

A new EP by mexican producer Amauri Hernandez signed on his own label. 

Without a doubt, one of the best releases we have heard all year! stay tuned for its vinyl release soon 🙂


  • 2301 – Untitled [Heaven Smile]

A new project by Mammo from Nduja <3


  • Levzon – Mambata EP [Frenzy Recordings]

For our next Frenzy adventure, he is going all out for the first time, profiling his sound through a 4-track heavy-hitting EP with old-school-induced cuts and loopy basslines, including two remixes by like-minded associates.


  • Kosh – Get It Done EP [Casa Voyager]

The moroccan wizard is back once again with 4 efficient club cuts! Tested and approved!


  • Cousin – HomeSoon [Mood Hut]

On New Year’s morning, Cousin took a weary-eyed walk… ‘HomeSoon’ he thought, whilst cutting to the path by the Angophora Forest. As he made it down to the overgrown sidewalk, he caught a sudden sense of warmth from the surrounding flora. On closer focus, it was as if the plants and flowers had come alive…pulsing forward down the path as they bounced, smiled, and sneered all around him. Against logic, he was struck by an almost Garsonian desire to communicate with them.

This feeling lingered, persisting through several studio sessions. The music written over this period makes up this EP. How directly this experience informed the music is hard to say. What effect it had on the surrounding plant life is even harder to tell… we do hope, however, through listening to it, you’re a little more tuned in to them.


  • Rodman – Falcata

After the sentimental success of his debut “La Fragua,” Mexican producer Rodman returns with the “Falcata EP,” featuring five new productions for Ineffable.

The record’s title comes from the name of an ancient sword, which is quite apt as the sharp sound-design & impressive perc work slices through the EP from start to finish. It fluctuates between moods, touching on the deeper, dubbed out & echoed sounds of Rodman’s palette, and moving swiftly into complex rhythmic patterns that were definitely built with the club in mind.


  • Kelela – Raven [Warp Records]

“I started this process from the feeling of isolation and alienation I’ve always had as a black femme in dance music, despite its black origins. RAVEN is my first breath taken in the dark, an affirmation of black femme perspective in the midst of systemic erasure and the sound of our vulnerability turned to power”


  • a.s.o. – a.s.o. remixed [Low Lying Records]

Following from a.s.o. ‘s self-titled LP, we have a set of remixes taking their trip-hop torch songs in new and different directions.


  • Moritz von Oswald – Silencio [Tresor]

What are the differences and similarities between human and artificial sound, between oscillations generated by vocal cords and synthesizer voices, voltage amplified by speakers? On Silencio, his latest album for Tresor Records, Moritz von Oswald works with a 16-voice choir to explore this concept.


  • Special Guest DJ – Panoramic Deep Love Story

I swear I can listen to this ambient for hours, so beautiful <3








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