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  • Russ Gabriel – Peace EP [Ferox Records] (1993)

British electronic musician, DJ, producer, composer and filmmaker from Portsmouth. He is the founder of Ferox Records and Sestra Recordings.

One of my favorite techno records ever made! So peaceful, the world needs more music like this <3


  • VA –  A Mission Into Drums [EYE Q RECORDS] (1994)

Frankfurt electronic producer Steffen Britzke, AKA Stevie B-Zet, has died aged 62.

One of the pioneers of the early trance sound, Britzke released much of his music on Eye Q Records, the label run by Sven Väth, Matthias Hoffmann and Heinz Roth. He also collaborated regularly with Väth, the pair releasing music together as Astral Pilot. Other projects Britzke was involved in include The Volunteers, Odyssee Of Noises and Zyon. 

Words by RA


  • St. Vitus Dance – Come Of Age [Peacefrog Records] (1994)

Started by Pete Hutchison and Paul Ballard in 1991, Peacefrog is a UK independent label releasing many different styles of electronic music.


  • Planetary Assault Systems – Planetary Funk Vol. 3 (Visit To Pro-form iii) [Peacefrog Records] (1994)

Luke Slater (b. 12 June 1968, Reading, Berkshire, England) is an English electronic musician, DJ and record producer from Crawley, UK.

He is one of the UK’s longest standing techno producers and DJs, active since the late 1980s when he worked in the Mi Price record shop. He was involved with the founding of the Jelly Jam Records shop and label, and went on to release on a number of seminal labels. Was also a resident DJ at Troll.


  • UVX – Elevator [Magick Eye Records] (1993)

Electronic music producer duo. UVX stands for Ultra Violet eXplorer.


  • Electropeople – Sushi [Limit Street Records] (1992)

UK hardcore and breakbeat label from the early 1990’s. Based in Liverpool.


  • Peter Benisch – Soundtrack Saga [Turbo] (2001)

Classically trained composer, hailing from Stockholm, Sweden.

Started early developing an interest for synthesizers and computers, and has built some of the synthesizers used in his musical productions.

He is also running the company Frost Network, which builds and sells music-optimised computers.

Started Globe Studios in Stockholm along with old school mate Joel Mull and friends Adam Beyer and Jesper Dahlbäck, where all of them have their own studio.

Releases ambient music under his own name, electro under the name FPU, and is also involved in a lot of collaborations with artists in the heavier techno genre – always aiming at doing something different with every new album.


  • Intense – Positive Notions EP [Good Looking Records] (1997)

Drum and bass group who began life in the early-1990s as a hardcore dance act. They have recorded for labels such as Rugged VinylUnderground Level, and Good Looking.


  • G.O.L – Sensations Of Tone [China Records] (1995)

G.O.L. stands for Gods Of Luxury.


  • Satoshi & Makoto – CZ – 5000 Sounds & Sequences [Safe Trip] (2017)

We write to you with the conclusions of our investigation into the synthesized audio transmissions picked up by the deep space telescope at regular intervals since 1986. The source was traced to two brothers in Kawasaki, Japan, who identified themselves as Satoshi and Makoto. When we raided the building, they were huddled around a synthesizer manufactured by the Casio Corporation, model number CZ-5000.

In their archives we discovered a wealth of colourful and ear-pleasing material created entirely using this music-making device in the early 1990s. We asked them to provide copies so that we could make these compositions available to the public for the first time. They handed us a compact disc that bore the handwritten code “ST006”.

Words by Safe Trip.

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