Nostalgia 031



  • Urban Jungle – Theme From Jurassic Park [ZYX Music] (1993)


  • Journeyman – Mama 6 [Ntone] (1994)

UK downtempo and broken beat act. Paul Frankland is AKA Woob.


  • The 4th Wave – Touched [Planet E] (1995)

Carl Craig’s classic techno label founded in 1991.


  • Sterac – Asphyx [100% Pure] (1995)

His flagship Sterac project is present – most notably the Asphyx EP, with a long-standing titling mistake now rectified on the iconic ‘X-Tracks’ comes first. Four absolute classic Sterac works dating from 1995.


  • Be-Zet – Blue Illusion [Eye Q] (1994)

Stevie B-Zet is a German keyboard player and producer. Well-known productions are B-Zet “Everlasting Pictures (Right Through Infinity)” or Zyon “No Fate” released on the label Eye Q Records.

Steffen “B-Zet” Britzke became known, especially in the collaboration with Sven Väth. They set up together the music project Astral Pilot.


  • Banco De Gaia – Maya [Planet Dog] (1994)

Banco De Gaia [World Bank] began as a solo project of Toby Marks producing a variety of dance and chill-out music often-featuring tribal samples. After several tape-only albums,

Banco was signed to Planet Dog where he received much wider recognition. Banco expanded into a band in 1997 and later set up the Disco Gecko label.


  • The Irresistible Force – Waveform / Natural Frequency [Astralwerks] (1995)

Psychill, ambient, downtempo and dub project from London.


  • Magena – Kobalth [Experimental] (1994)

Released on EXperimental NYC in 1994 as a magenta colored 12-inch vinyl plus a blue limited 7-inch additional single.


  • VA – Feed Your Head [Planet Dog] (1994)

Chillout compilation series originally consisting of three unnumbered volumes released by Planet Dog in 1993, 1994 and 1996. A fourth instalment – actually numbered – was released on the Liquidlabel in 1998.

The image on the covers of the first three (and on the disc art of all four) was adapted from ‘A Garland for May Day 1895’ by Walter Crane.


  • VA – Freezone 3 Horizontal Dancing [Freezone] (1996)

Found in copyrights and used as a serie name for compilations.

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