Essential Progressive House & Trance Records



  • Sasha – Xpander EP [Deconstruction] (1999)

A well-renowned DJ and production figure in trance and progressive house circles, Sasha became famous in the late 1980s and early 1990’s for residencies at clubs like Shelley’s (Longton, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, England), The Hacienda (Manchester, England), and most notably Renaissance (“Venue 44” in Mansfield, England; later “The Conservatory”, Derby, England). 

At Renaissance, he formed a now famous longterm DJ partnership with John Digweed (as Sasha & John Digweed), one continued for many years, and they produced the first major commercially released studio-produced DJ mix “Renaissance: The Mix Collection” (1994) – now largely considered a pioneering release of its time.


  • Mystica – African Horizon [Perfecto] (1998)

Essential record played by Paul Oakenfold in his Global Underground NY.


  • Echomen – Substance [Forensic Records] (2002)

Echomen is an electronic music production duo, which specialises in progressive house, consisting of Chris Scott and Anton Fielding. They are also known as Mooncat and Time Design. They have released singles on labels such as Hooj Choons, Forensic Records and Saw Recordings. These singles have received much play from DJs and have been featured on compilations from Global Underground’s Nubreed series as well James Zabiela’s Sound in Motion.

They have also made several guest mix appearances, both together and some individually, on John Digweed’s flagship progressive house radio show (today called Transitions) on Kiss FM.


  • James Holden – Solstice [Silver Planet Recordings] (2002)

UK-based producer, head of Border Community. Started as a Progressive House and Trance producer, but later managed to travel into different worlds, such as Ambient, IDM, Electronica, Noise, Minimal, Techno, Leftfield, Krautrock and even Gnawa.


  • Medway – The Resurrection E.P. [Hooj Choons] (1998)

Electronic music producer & mastering engineer from London, UK. Owner of Medway Studios.


  • Narcotik – Blue / Twelve Miles [Platipus] (1998)

Gab Olivier & Christopher J Dolan.


  • THK – France [Warp Records] (1992)

Thomas Kukula, born 8 February 1959 in Dusseldorf, Germany, better known under the name DJ Red 5, or “General Base”, is one of the few who successfully produced in the 1990’s electronic music. 

He began in 1986 to work in the smaller clubs of Düsseldorf environment as a DJ. From 1988 on he worked for over 11 years in the Club “Tarm Center. Soon there was for him the opportunity to have worked as a producer.


  • Audio Science – Two And A Half Orbits Later [Hypnotic] (1997)

Hypnotic Records, a division of Cleopatra Records.


  • PMT – Gyromancer [Acetate Ltd] (2000)

UK-based breakbeat and break-trance label, best known for their hits by PMT, “Deeper Water” and “Gyromancer”.


  • Pole Folder & CP – Dust [Bedrock Records] (2002)

British electronica label started by Nick Muir and John Digweed in 1999.

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