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“I heard ‘Orbital – Halcyon + On + On’ when I was 8 or so; started writing tunes on a PC at 13; in my 30s now and still very interested in techno music!”

Lnrdcroy is a DJ and producer from Canada. Who has released a beautiful album on 1080p, then he put some music on L.P.C. , Forbidden Planet, Unthank, Firecracker Recordings and Mood Hut. At the moment he is working on new EPs, stay tuned!

About the mix:

When I was recording, it was raining heavily outside but the sky was a golden-grey colour as the sun kept breaking through the clouds. A very beautiful light. I read that this is called a sunshower but many folk traditions around the world share strikingly similar metaphors for it: “a jackal’s wedding”, “foxes’ wedding” “devil’s bride, “a wolf’s marriage”, etc. Curious!

Expect a mix of ambient techno and IDM sounds <3

Lnrdcroy Info:





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