Esencia 053 – Tim Humphrey



“Discovering new music, playing it and sharing it with others has always been my favorite hobby.”

Tim Humphrey, originally from Los Angeles, has been discovering and collecting electronic music for over 35 years now.

In 2020 Tim started his own label called re:discovery records and it is focused on releasing chill out music that he feels that is timeless and needs to be reintroduced into the scene. Releases such as Deep Space Network (Move D & Jonas Grossmann), Human Mesh Dance, A Positive Life have been reissued on the label.

Tim is focused on bringing back the chill out rooms with his sound and his themed mixes.



01 – Sllim Western – Slow Rotating Machines
02 – Stephen Philips – Dry River
03 – Steve Roach – The Ritual Continues
04 – Peter Gabriel – Fourteen Black Paintings
05 – Peter Berngardt – Harmony Of The Om Spheres
06 – Prototype 909 – Tree Frog
07 – Iasos – Blue Fire Realms
08 – Astralasia – Warp Factor 7
09 – Grain – Videostore
10 – The Wandering Dog – Sadness
11 – Thom Brennan – Habu Valley



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