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Now it’s the turn of Basic Channel’s sub-labels. Rhythm & Sound was one of the continuations of BC to focus mainly on the combination of dub-reggae with techno.

On the other hand the label Burial mix had collaborations with artists such as: Tikiman (Paul St. Hilaire), Cornel Campbell, Shalom, The Choosen Brothers, Jennifer Lara and many more.

While Main Street had some records focused on house music.

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To be continued… (2/3)


  • Rhythm & Sound w/ Tikiman – Never Tell You [Burial Mix] (1996)

First Burial Mix Record.



  • Rhythm & Sound – Aground / Aerial [Rhythm & Sound] (2002)

Unique Ambient Techno pulses.



  • Rhythm & Sound w/ The Chosen Brothers – Mash Down Babylon [Burial Mix] (2003)

Stone classic Bullwackies.



  • Round Two – New Day [Main Street Records] (1995)

Can’t choose between the club original mix or the dub version !



  • The Chosen Brothers / Bullwackies All Stars / Rhythm & Sound – Mango Walk [Rhythm & Sound] (1998)

1979 Bullwackies Prod. b/w killer rework in Rhythm & Sound signature.



  • Rhythm & Sound w/ Cornell Campbell – King In My Empire [Burial Mix] (2001)

Deep and beautiful <3



  • Rhythm & Sound – Carrier [Rhythm & Sound] (1999)

Wonderful, pulsating Ambient Techno.



  • Rhythm & Sound W/ Savage – Smile [Rhythm & Sound] (1999)

Sparse, deeply pulsating, subtly dubbed out Ambient Techno/Dub House groover.



  • Round Five Feat. Tikiman – Na Fe Throw It [Main Street Records] (1999)

Slow dub grooves as could only be produced by Rhythm & Sound.





  • Rhythm & Sound w/ Tikiman – Music A Fe Rule [Rhythm & Sound] (1997)

Deadly Dub-Stepper.



These has everything, deep as anything!

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